FAQ | (Frequently Asked Question)

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  • How much is your rate per person/head?

350 per head, minimum of 50 pax.

  • What if my guests is around 30 pax only, how much is it?

If below 50 pax, our rate per head is Php 400.00

  • What are the inclusions of your catering services?

Includes: 1 appetizer or 1 soup dish, 2 main dishes, 1 veggie,1 noodle/pasta, 1 dessert, rice and drinks , the venue, lights and sound system.

  • If venue is included, how many hours will be free of charge?

Minimum use of venue is 3 hours free of charge then Php 1,000 per excess hour.

  • If my guests will exceed the agreed booking, how much is charge for extra person?

A) if below 50 persons, excess guests will be charged P400 per head.
B) if above 50 persons, excess guests will be charged P350 per head.

  • Do you have corkage if we will bring lechon or other food?

Corkage is waived for Lechon including cake and ice cream but if you will bring additional food just add Php1, 000.00 for all the food you will be bringing.

  • How much if we will order additional food from you?

For the additional dish, the rate is Php 1,500 good for 30 pax and Php 2,500 for 50 pax.

  • What if I will just rent the venue, is it possible? And what is the inclusion of it?

Yes, it is. We offer venue only. Sound system is provided. You can use our tables and chairs but you will provide your own set up. Utensils, table cloths, waiters are not included.
Remedios Hall – Php 6,500.00
Isabel Hall – Php 11,500.00
*good for 3 hours use then Php 1,300.00 per excess hour.

  • How can I reserve?

You are required to pay 50% of the total balance to guarantee your booking
If day of event is near, additional down payment is required to amount half of the package.

  • Additional charge for equipment that require electricity?

Electricity charges for the venue:

Full Band (instruments and amplifiers) – Php 2,000.00
Lights Setup – PhP 1000 to 2000 depending on number of lights used
Photo booth – Php 500.00
Food Carts – Php 500.00
Fog Machine – Php 350.00

  • If I will have a small business meeting / seminars of around 10-15 persons, do you have a smaller venue? What are the rates? 

We have a small conference room already with LCD TV and sound system. Rate for the first three hours is PhP 2000, extension per hour is P1000.

For whole day engagements of 8 hours, the rate is P450 per head. Includes lunch ( 1 main dish, 1 siding, 1 dessert, rice and drinks) and 1 morning and 1 afternoon snacks.

  • Do you have an available menu for small meetings of three hours?

You can order from our menu directly or avail of our packed meals packages. (Please see attached packed meals rates and menu)

  • How much is your rate per session?

Rate per session is P150 for 1 day use.

  • How much is your gym membership?

One month membership is Php 1,150; 3 months is PhP 2,900; 6 months is PhP 5,400

  • Is there any other membership dues?

There are no other hidden membership dues.

  • What are the inclusions of the membership?

Membership allows you to use all the gym equipment, sauna, boxing area & zumba class, hot & cold showers, lockers, x-box Kinect for dance games. Our gym is open every Monday to Saturday at 6am-10pm, Sundays is 12noon to 8pm. Schedules may vary on holidays.

  • What is the schedule for zumba class?

Zumba class is every Tuesday at 7pm-8pm only.

  • Is there an instructor for boxing?

Instructor for boxing are available every Monday to Saturday at 2pm-10pm only. However, boxing area can still be used by gym members even if there are no Instructor available.

  • Do you provide personal instructors?

Our instructors will train new members for 3 days and he/she is not exclusive for one member only. They are willing to assist any member who wants their help.

  • Do you provide free water?

We provide free water but you have to bring your own tumbler/water container.

  • Do you provide lockers?

You can use the locker for free but you have to empty it out and surrender the key by the end of your gym session.

  • Until what time is the gym open?

Our gym is open every Monday to Saturday at 6am-10pm, 12noon to 8pm on Sundays. Holiday schedules may vary.

  • Do you provide towels?

We encourage our members to bring their own towels for hygienic purposes. If members would like to request our towels, it is P50 per piece.

  • Rate of Discounts?

Initially, we can give 10% discount if membership comes in group of 3 for corporate discounts, such discount can be further negotiated especially if your company is providing wellness programs to employees.

Also, we have a new student discount for only P900/month. Students will only need to bring an updated school ID to avail of this special rate.

  • Discounted rate of ALLSon’s guests?

For our in house guests, the rate is Php120.00 per session.

  • Can members ask for a customized program free of charge?

Yes, members can request additional/specific programs from trainers. However, we encourage members to be generous in dropping tips at the tip box for this added service.

  • Can the gym studio be rented for dance practices and fitness classes?

Gym studio can be rented at P1500 for 3 hours. Rent includes aircon. Extension per hour is P500

  • How much are your room rates?

1 pax room only = P 1,150
2 pax room only= P1,300
3 pax room only = P1,550
*to upgrade with breakfast is P130/head
*extra bed P400 per person
*to use the TV remote control, a P500 deposit is required. The deposit can be claimed upon check out.

  • Do you allow visitors?

We allow visitors if the guest approves of it but they need to log in at the guard station and present a valid ID. Visitors who stay overnight will be charged P 300/night.

  • Do you allow early check-in?

Earliest time for check-in is 6 am for next day check out is 12nn. You can check in early if there is an available room.

  • Is it possible to check out late?

Charge for late check-out is P200 per hour starting at 1 pm

  • Do you accept credit card?

We accept credit and debit cards for your transaction.

  • Do you offer monthly rates?

Yes, but the accommodation is without breakfast.

Monthly rates:

For standard room:
1 pax – P22,000
2 pax – P25,000

For family room:
1 pax – P26,000
2 pax – P27,000
3 pax – P28,000

  • What are the amenities included in the room rate?

You can avail of free wifi access, cable TV, airconditioned room, hot and cold shower, and 24-hour security.

  • Do you have budget rooms for group travelers?

Yes, we have a Barkada room for this purpose. Our rates vary depending on the number of people staying in the room.
5 persons – P2600
6 persons – 3000
7 persons – 3350
8 persons – 3700
9 persons – 4150
10 persons – 4600

  • Do you offer Laundry Service?

Yes, but lead time is 3 days.
Wash, Dry and Press is 95/kilo
Wash, Dry and Fold is 55/kilo
Handwash, Dry and Fold is 75/kilo

  • Is there a refrigerator in the room?

Our refrigerator is only upon request and you have to pay P50/night for it.

  • Do you provide safety deposit box?

There is no personal safety deposit box in the room but you can hand over your valuables in the front office for safekeeping.

  • How often is housekeeping for monthly guests?

Make up room is upon request and changing of linens is only every other day if needed. If the linens have been stained, we will charge Php 300 for it. Extra towels is P50 each.

  • What time is breakfast open for guests with meal?

Breakfast is served between 7am to 9am only.

  • Can we cook inside the room?

Portable stove using butane/gas is not allowed but you can use your own induction cooker for Php 1,500 per month or electric kettle for Php 1000 per month.